Friday 15 March 2013


I woke up this morning feeling warm.  What a change from the last three or four days when there has been several degrees of frost.  Mind you, although it was bitter yesterday morning, by playtime the children were begging to be allowed to go out without their coats on.  It was gloriously and deceptively sunny and I noticed that a number of them decided on coats at lunchtime!

We were all walking around like zombies yesterday - we being the teaching staff.  Consultation evenings do hit hard.  However, the feedback comments were 100% positive, so that was cheering.  No more now until October.

Today, being Friday, is SEN day.  There's a list of things to do as long as your arm but, as it is uninterrupted by littlies most of the time, I usually make good inroads into it all.  It feels good to be more or less up to date on things.  There's just one more SEN day before Easter because the following Friday is Good Friday and the Easter break will have started.

I have a good friend staying for a few weeks.  I'm sitting at my work desk typing away and she is sitting at the dining table working away and now and again we exchange emails and giggle!  At least I giggle and I'm sure she does too but as I haven't put in my hearing aids yet, I can't hear her!

I've done a bit of research (i.e. Googled) into chicken soup (proper, cream of) and one thing I must have is a good chicken stock (obviously).  I feel a visit to the supermarket is coming on, for some chicken wings and to see if there are any pots of chicken stock.  Actually, thinking about it, I might have a pot of stock that I bought before Christmas to enhance the Christmas gravy and which I never used because Christmas was cancelled!.
I must take a look and see.


  1. LOL! Yes, I was giggling at your emails, too - great fun!
    Joy, your soups are AMAZING! This is no idle flattery, I assure you....honestly, I haven't been keen on soup for quite some years (apart from the ones that the French chef in the German supermarket you used to make until they fired him because he was just too good at his job!), but thanks to him and you, I have 'rediscovered' soup and it is absolutely wonderful and so perfect for this weather, too! Thanks so much! :o)
    Have a lovely relaxing day - it's sheeting down with rain here in Hampshire!
    S. xxx

  2. I'm glad you giggle too or I'd sound a right idiot! :-)
    I'm glad you like soups. I gather that research (no idea which) indicates that soups fill one up more and keep one going for longer before feeling hungry again. I just love them!
    It's quite fine here with a hint of sun in the air!
    You will have to try the chicken soup I made. I think it's delicious!
    See you soon.

    J x

  3. LOL!! re me giggling, too.
    You're right about how filling soups are - an added bonus, as it were.
    Yes, I'd love to try the chicken soup you made - thanks! Look forward to it.
    See you soon! S. xxx