Wednesday 27 March 2013


Two more days to go.
Two more days of sorrow . . .

. . . as we used to sing gleefully as children, totally ignoring the fact that it was far from sorrowful!  The same applies to this week.  Two more days, both of which are likely to be enjoyable - as enjoyable as it can be given that children and adults are operating in snooze mode most of the time.

One happy thing - I have no more playground duties until after the Easter holiday now.  My other one is on Fridays and that's holiday.  My goodness, it was cold yesterday.  It was close to freezing anyway and there was an intermittent and very biting wind that went straight through you.  Even the children were asking when it was time to go in.  Mind you, in morning play the sun shone.  Yes, it did - it shone for all of two minutes before deciding that it was much too cold and sheltering behind a grey cloud again.  Sensible sun!

Today is PPA and there's no peace for the wicked.  A and I will be looking ahead to next term and, perhaps, getting all the planning done for the first week.  That would be good, especially for A as she will be away for much of the fortnight.  Which reminds me - I need to send last year's planning over to her . . .

Have a great day.


  1. Oh that brings back memories. At the end of each term one of my friends would drive away, windows wide open with 'School's Out' blasting from the car. Happy Easter! Hoping you get chance to rest and recuperate. Jx

  2. I think one of the very nicest things about getting older is that we have so many lovely memories to cheer and delight us. The youngsters just haven't lived yet, have they! ;-)

    I'm looking forward to having a good rest, I have to say. It's all rather hard going at the moment. There's nothing wrong, it's just that it's been a long and dull winter and we need some light and brightness.

    J x