Friday 1 March 2013


This is an early start to the day.  Yesterday I was so tired that by just before eight o'clock I was fighting to keep awake (and losing the battle) so I went to bed, read for all of twenty seconds and then fell fast asleep.  Hence the early wake this morning but not to worry, today is Friday, I have a lot of work to get on with and I feel a leek and potato soup coming on (in TM, of course) as the last lot has nearly gone.

I did intend to use some of the 'mystery' soup as a sauce with some filled tortellini I bought but I got waylaid by the chocolate custard.  So healthy and balanced, don't you think?  The pasta and sauce will keep for this evening though, so no problems.

Yesterday went well.  I was out of class p.m. to go to a meeting but when I got there I found it had been cancelled and I never received the message.  It didn't matter because I had a really good chat to the deputy head there (it is one of our wonderful special schools here in Chelmsford - we are so fortunate) about the kind of support they can offer to schools so it was all extremely useful.  When I got back to school - I did have to as it was only halfway through the afternoon - I spend the rest of the time catching up with some reading with my children, so that was great.

Once home, as already mentioned, I had a go at making the chocolate custard in TM and it was brilliant   So easy and just what was needed.  So today I have a TM lunch - the mixed veg soup and then some of the custard folded into some home made yoghurt.  All of it absolutely delicious!

Today is SEN day and I have loads and loads of stuff to do so it should be a busy and satisfying day all round.  And then the weekend starts and, incredibly, there will only be eighteen more days before the Easter break.  That's because one day in an INSET day and the last day is Good Friday so a Bank Holiday.  No complaints from me!!

And at the weekend I will have time to peruse my new cookery books and make some sort of list of things I want to try out.  Great fun!
Diane - I want to make the stock paste but it looks extremely salty - is it OK to cut down on the salt?


  1. Sounds like you are a thermo convert....

  2. I am, that's for sure - but what about the salt? :-)