Friday 22 March 2013


I've posted some more about custard in TsRs, here.

My word, it is cold out there at the moment.  For a start, it is windy - well, breezy anyway - and that always adds to the shiver-factor.  I gather snow's a-coming, possibly.  We will see, but much as I love snow, it does feel like a slap on the cheek in the last third of March.  It should be balmy, warming up, encouraging new growth.  At the moment, any self-respecting bud really couldn't be blamed for taking one look and burrowing back down again for a bit more kip!
I am not looking forward to playground duty this afternoon!

Yesterday was a good day, despite some aches, tummy pains and feeling a bit sick p.m.  At a few points I did wonder if I was going to have to rush out of the bay and leave the children unsupervised but thankfully it passed off and by the evening I was able to eat dinner without any repercussions (touch wood, fingers crossed, etc).

Today is Friday, of course, SEN day.  As always, there's a long list of things to do, letters to write, dates to sort out, etc.  And then . . . THE WEEKEND!   Yay!


  1. 'In like a lamb; out like a lion' as the old saying goes. Sleety snow turning to rain here. Hope you have a good weekend. Jx

  2. . . . or the other way round!!! We're expected to get snow tomorrow but I will wait and see about that!
    Hope you have a good weekend too, Joan - stay warm.

    J x