Saturday 9 March 2013

Saturday morning later on.

Well, it's most definitely RAT time at the moment (that's Report Avoidance Tactics for the uninitiated!)

This morning I have made (using my beloved Thermione)

  • Coconut cream/milk from dessicated coconut and water - dead easy and much cheaper than buying cans of the stuff
  • Vegetable stock paste - loads and loads and loads of it so there's a jar for you, Beth.  It saeems incredibly salty but when you use it, it isn't and you don;t add any more salt to the recipe
  • Mango chicken - adapted from a recipe so I may feel that I can post it at some point when I have refined it a bit
  • Bread rolls and a loaf.

I'm beginning to see what Leonie meant when she said during the demo that it saved money as well as time, not to mention washing up!

So - something eggy for lunch and Mango Chicken for dinner tonight.  Mmmmmmmmm
Must get back to my shopping list - er - I mean reports!

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