Tuesday 26 March 2013

Tuesday morning

Three days to go.  Very cold days too, by the sound of it.  Watching the weather forecast last night made me shiver despite the efficient heating - very cold all week with  a distinct possibility of more snow before the weekend.  Ho hum, that'll be just in time for Easter then!  The Easter Rabbit will have to be careful not to get frostbitten and the Easter egg hunts will have frozen eggs hidden in snowdrifts.

Pretty: This was an extraordinary view of the Peak District near Matlock, Derbyshire, as the picturesque area was covered in weekend snowfall
This was on the Daily Mail website (click on the link and scroll down) this morning.  For me it's a WOW photo.  It wasn't taken by me, I think the photographer's name is on the photo, but isn't it fantastic?

Yesterday I got the music from S and rushed off to the hall to have a look at it.  She was right: it's not hard really, although there are some bits I will need to work on.  It's choir after school today so I will be going along to that and it should be more or less OK.  My sort of music - very harmonic with lovely scrunchy, gentle dissonances (so it's harder to hear mistakes) and nothing too fast!  I feel a lot better about it all now.

I got another wool order from the wonderful Deramore's yesterday, plus a pattern.  It's a Deramore pattern and I was very impressed - all the sizings are colour coded so, for example, if you want to make the 3-6 months size, all the relevant instructions are in the same colour.  Brilliant.  I hope it catches on because it's going to make pattern reading so much easier.

That plum recipe I posted in TsRs - I'm still using up the leftovers and this morning I had it over my breakfast porridge.  Mmmmm - so gorgeous.  If you like plums, you will like this.  Come to that, if you like mulled wine you will like this too.

And now I'd better go and get sorted for school.

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