Sunday 17 March 2013


I've posted recipes for orange squash and citrus spread into Teacher's Recipes.

Yesterday was lovely.  I cooked, crocheted, watched telly, slept and generally chilled to my heart's content.  I made the recipes above, cream of chicken soup (which, from my previous post, you will gather is absolutely scrummy), the tomatoes bit for lasagne and custard that was properly thick rather than pouring.  It has eggs and vanilla, etc but tastes more like a very posh version of good, old fashioned Bird's Custard (which doesn't taste the same nowadays, sadly).  Also - big bonus - it uses the whole egg and milk, although one can add cream and there's a lemon version, which I rather fancy making at some point.

Today I'm half way through a 'quick and easy loaf' and am then going to have a go with making cream and then pastry.  I'll freeze most of the pastry as I don't need it for today now, stewed apple and custard being a whole lot healthier than apple pie and custard.  I'll cook just a little bit to test, as you do.  Maybe I could make a few citrus spread tarts, yum!

The granny square bedspread is coming on very slowly.  Last week a friend posted a code for a goodly amount off yarn so I bought some more for the project as I know I don't have enough at present.  The Easter holiday starts in a fortnight and I intend to do a lot then.  I doubt it will get finished so soon, but it will be a lot closer to finishing.

And now I'd better go and check how the dough is doing.  Have a great day!

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