Thursday 21 March 2013


I'm feeling strangely relaxed this morning.  No Family Assembly to stress about.  Six more days before the end of the term.  A weekend coming up in a couple of days.  Potential bliss . . .

Family Assembly went very well.  They all came to school dressed in their Victorian outfits with their uniform in a named carrier bag, they spoke out confidently, they all remembered both words and actions and the whole presentation had the 'aaaahhhh' factor.  I was so proud of them!

After that it all went a bit downhill: not in a bad way, no, but they rather relaxed and lost focus for a while.  To be fair, as it was nearly playtime, they changed into uniform after play so it was a rather disjointed start to the maths lesson.  And after dinner we had an exciting time starting to prepare for WAM.  What's WAM?  WAM stands for days of the Week, Alphabet and Months of the year.  Has to be WAM - we couldn't call it DAM, now could we?  Most inappropriate!
We have learnt how to spell Monday and Tuesday now.  It's Wednesday today - a trickier one, but some of them know a secret about how to spell that which they will reveal at the right time.
You wouldn't think it was possible to get excited about WAM but my littlies are!  I'm hoping that many of them will get their WAM certificate before they leave Y1.

This is ridiculously early, isn't it?  Never mind, it does give me a chance to catch up with some work, one way and another.  I can go to bed earlier tonight or maybe catch an hour more in a little while.  Or not . . . it all evens out eventually!


  1. Oh dear you too are up and about at this ungodly hour but as you say it does eventually even out. I will be taking myself to bed after lunch for a rest if not a sleep. You do have the disadvantage of having to go to work I do at least have the choice of when and where to rest.

  2. I'm afraid so. It's going to be an early night tonight!

    J x