Thursday 14 March 2013


I've just made a sweet potato and lentil soup and have posted what I did on TsRs.  I hope you like it.

Good morning to you on an extremely cold and frosty day.  No snow - I think that's more or less finished now - but there's a very hard frost and the sun is coming up.  It looks as if it is going to be a lovely day!

Consultation evenings are now over for this school year.  Next term it is the full report and a much less formal 'Open Evening'.  It's lovely to talk to the parents about how their children are getting on but it's a great strain.  After all, we teachers are passing judgement on little people who are likely to be one of the most important people in those adults' lives and I sometimes wonder how we *dare*!  Anyway, it went very well, I am satisfied, the parents all seemed pleased and today we will all be weary and worn out.  Just the act of talking more or less non-stop for well over two and a half hours is bad enough, without all the other pressures.
I'm not complaining (I hope), just saying.

Today is a normal day.  No specials, no out of class, nothing planned that will mar the smooth running of a school day.  Such a relief.  I hope yours looks like being good too.

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