Saturday 9 March 2013


Aren't these lovely?  A friend has a cake business and she also keeps chickens that provide the eggs that go into her delicious cakes.  At the moment she is making fewer cakes due to a gammy knee and an operation, so she has eggs galore.  I bought this half dozen for the ridiculous price of £1.

I now have rather a lot of eggs (most of them fresh from the hen without any supermarket intervention) so my cooking will be egg-heavy for a while, starting with scrambled egg for brekky, yum!  Victoria sponges freeze nicely, assuming there will be any left after Alex has attacked it tomorrow.  And I might try out pastry in Thermione and make a quiche for dinner at some point.  Also, I haven't yet made proper custard, just the chocolate sort, so that's also on the cards.  I love proper custard!  And the home made stock cube paste is top of the list this morning.

Yesterday was a gloomy, dismal, soaking wet day.  The children got their morning play but by lunchtime the heavens had opened and it rained hard more or less for the rest of the day.  In at lunch time, in at afternoon play and a speedy rush home in the pouring rain after school.  Our poor Year 4s had an inter-sports afternoon at our local stadium, walking there and walking back again afterwards - oh, dear!  'Drowned rats' doesn't even start to describe it!

Our visitors came.  I met them officially in my capacity as Key Stage coordinator and SENCo.  I saw them wandering around the school a few times but they weren't interested in Y1 very much.  I saw them talking to colleagues in the staff room after play as I worked with S to fill in a referral form.  And that was that!  Ah, well, after the considerable rush round in the morning, my classroom is now a 'learning environment' (if it wasn't before!!!).

It was a busy day, one way and another.  I knocked together some SEN stuff, I edited  added to and faxed off a report, I worked with a few children and I did some observations in Foundation Stage.  I have to say that while most of it was quite hard work, the last was sheer unadulterated pleasure.  I love our foundation stage!

And now it's the weekend.  It's a busy weekend.  Reports.  Planning.  Sorting out books.  Marking. Getting the house ready for visitors.  And playing!  Mustn't forget the playing!

Have a good play, everyone!

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