Monday 31 July 2017


Good morning and apologies for being a bit late - I had an early morning tuition session!

It's a pleasant day today around here.  Not particularly warm but sunny and breezy and the windows are all open!  There's still a residual paint pong around so airing the house is important.

I was busy yesterday bit everything went well.  Dinner for five was delicious and, apart from the vegetarian curry (which I expected), there was very little left over.  I'd forgotten how delicious crumble and ice cream is.

We didn't allotmenteer yesterday but there was no need to worry about watering.  Today we will be sorting out the rhubarb, cutting it all back and then leaving it to do its own thing, flowering and seeding.  There's quite a lot of weeds under the clumps so we will deal with them at the same time.  I suspect rhubarb jam will be on the list of things to do tomorrow!
I also want to lift some more potatoes as yesterday's dinner finished most of my stock up.

When I investigated my potato bag (in the fridge), to my shame several spuds were merrily sprouting in there.  Waste not, want not, so we will give them a go in the allotment and, if they don't cooperate, no problems.  We shall see.
Bad me!
I got the planning done later on so my conscience is now clear.  :-)

This morning, apart from tutoring, I picked runners and tomatoes and had a rummage through the freezer for lucky dip meals!

After a couple of busy weeks, this week feels footloose and fancy free although I am sure things will happen to fill the time available.  Don't they all!

Have a good day and may the sun shine for you.


  1. Ooh, ready chitted seedlings. If you time it right you could container grow them and get tasty new spuds for Ch'mas!

  2. :-) We thought we'd plant them in the lotty, just to see how it goes. If it works in time for Christmas, that would be fab!
    Fingers crossed.
    J x