Saturday 8 July 2017


Good morning, everyone.  Welcome to the weekend!

As almost always, yesterday passed pleasantly.  The painting progresses and the 'extension' section is now finished.  All the dressers and sideboards are back in their places so I can start bringing china and glassware downstairs again.  They're going back in different places so I've been thinking it all out very carefully to make the best use of space, both display and hidden behind doors.  I want to show the crystal off better, for a start, and put the Reflections tableware where I can access it more.  Now all the white stuff has gone, it should be much easier.

I've decided to get rid of more stuff - I have cheap wine glasses, again bought for when I have a houseful and they were particularly used when I had the team round for our Chinese and Chat evenings.  Really, they are no longer needed and haven't been used for over a couple of years so I will keep a few of the smaller wine glasses and send the rest on their way.  More space saved!

The thing I am not looking forward to is sorting out the stationery.  I am going to have to be extremely hard-hearted here because it is ridiculous, the amount I have for just one person!

It will be so good to get things away again!

Have a lovely day and stay cool!


  1. It's a grand excuse to have a good turf out. It is difficult to make decisions sometimes, I find books particularly difficult to thin out.

  2. Oh, indeed, yes. I wept over some books I handed on but I knew it was the right thing to do.
    J x