Tuesday, 1 August 2017


. . . and a pinch and a punch for the first of the month to all my readers.  :-)

After a comparatively chilly overnight (under the covers all night), it started sunny but is dulling over now.  However, the forecast isn't all that bad so fingers crossed as I have a whole stack of washing and drying to do.

In fact, it's a busy day all round.
Looking at my list I have to . . .
do the old finances, work out how much can go into savings and reconcile (is that the right word) the statement with my records
make bread
weed the front patch
do a bit of lesson planning
the aforementioned washing and drying
sort out the kitchen (it hasn't really recovered from Sunday yet)
deal with stacks of rhubarb
< sigh >

Yesterday, after a couple of tuitions (should've been three but there was illness), my lovely friend Julia came round for a chat and stayed for lunch.  Nothing special, just toast and jam, but it was home made bread and home made jam so tasty!
Then I met Beth at the allotment and, between ouches, we sorted out the rhubarb and dug up some more potatoes.  My hips were still achey from last week (just a bit - I can be a drama queen at times) and poor old Beth had a stiff neck, presumably from sleeping awkwardly.
The rhubarb will now be left to do its own thing until next year.
Just for once, there weren't many courgettes which was a relief.  There were, however, enough green beans for us both plus plenty of potatoes.

We needed a bin bag for the rhubarb so you can imagine how much there is.  Some will be too tough but there will be enough to make some jam plus some in the freezer for next winter.  Nice.

Then we finally got round to going to the allotment office and now I am official.  I have my own allotment key at long, long last!  Now I can go very early morning and let myself in.  Three cheers.

I'm planning to make a potato bake today with allotment veg and passata made last year.  It should taste really very good indeed.  So satisfying.

Well, I'd better get going if I am to stand any chance of making inroads into the list.  Wish me luck!

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