Tuesday 11 July 2017


Good morning, everyone, and a very dull and cool morning it is too.  Normally by this time the sun is shining on the houses I can see from the window but it looks more like rain right now.  No complaints, mind you, as it will save me watering both here and down the allotment.

Yesterday was pleasant.  A very hot allotment session with a bit of weeding, some harvesting and a lot of watering.  Mind you, the watering is getting less, temporarily, as we dig up the spuds and put the rhubarb to sleep for another year.

To my great delight, there were three green beans ready to pick.  Cheers.  Also some mange tout/sugar snaps, a courgette and (more cheers) the first lemon cucumber.  I shall have it today - some of it anyway.  I dug up another potato and now have enough spuds to last me the rest of this week.

Dinner yesterday was delicious!

In the afternoon I did my duty in FS.  I was set to sorting out some of the resource trays and I gave them a good wipe over too.  I well remember the time this takes and was glad to be able to help in this way.  As the teacher said, every year she does her best to get ahead and every year at this time she's behind as more things get landed in her lap.  Know what she means!

The decorating is continuing well.  Everywhere is still a bit chaotic although slowly I am getting stuff away.  The trouble is Wimbledon.  I mean, is there a choice?  Putting things away or Wimbledon?  No, there isn't.  Still, I'm getting there.  Every time I go up, I take a tray and every time I come down I have a full tray (which makes negotiating the stairs a fairly slow event, of course).
I've cancelled cleaners this week too after Paul said he wouldn't be completely finished by the weekend.  I suspected that!  It means three hours paid for and not received so I think the next three one hour slots can become two hour slots and then we will be square!

Today my diary is blank until tuition!  There's allotment but it looks more and more like rain as the minutes go by and I suspect it isn't going to happen.  Then it's a great opportunity to really sort things in the part Paul has done.  There's stuff I can't put away but it could look a lot neater and I will need the table for tuition.  I also do have a bit of planning to do as well.

The garden is looking promising.  I have a few little runner beans just starting to show and the tomatoes are less green, if you know what I mean.  The potatoes in bags are looking healthier than the allotment ones although no flowers yet so they have a while to go.  I reckon by the time the allotment ones are done the garden ones will be ready which should tide us over a few more weeks 
AND - the sweet peas are finally sending out flowers (even more cheers).  On the other hand, the tayberry has been a great disappointment in terms of fruiting so I will hope for next year.

In the kitchen I have some mixed currants and some gooseberries awaiting my jammy attention.  They're from Mum and Dad's freezer, I will convert them to jam and take them back again.  Nice.

So that's today - have a good one yourself too..

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