Thursday 13 July 2017


I have a couple of titchy, tiny runner beans.  Woo hoo!  That's today's big news!

Cute, isn't it?
Good morning, everyone.  It's fine this morning and a lot brighter than it was this time yesterday so fingers are crossed for a good day.

Yesterday's meeting was good, the Upper Junior show was absolutely brilliant and the tuition was great fun.  In between times, Paul finished the landing and stairs and just has to tackle the original living room part.  Unfortunately, that's where the technology is so I might be offline for a short while but he has been brilliant at working around me and my 'needs' and has promised that by the end of today, that particular bit will be finished.  Apart from access to computer, etc, it means that I can start bringing stuff down and putting it all back in the big cupboards again over the weekend which means my guest room will be freed up again.  That's lucky for the guest I am expecting on Monday evening.  :-)

I'm glad I woke early again this morning because it means I can finish my planning for today's tuition before Paul arrives.  Excellent.
So I'd better get on with it, hadn't I?  See you tomorrow!

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