Sunday 2 July 2017


Morning, all!  The sun is shining - how lovely.  It's not warm yet but it probably will be.  There's a lovely breeze moving the birch leaves.  It's beautiful.

Yesterday passed more or less as planned.  I sorted out some more cupboards and climbed numerous stairs and descended again.  The bedrooms are beginning to look cluttered and I thank my lucky stars that I have the space.

I had a sudden think - all the basic white china from Matalan that I was expecting to take down to the charity shop might be needed locally so I posted a few photos on my Facebook page and within a couple of hours had takers.

A friend is coming to take some tea plates and dinner plates and another friend with a large family will take the rest.  Splendid.
I've kept some.  The large white bowls right at the back are a perfect size for pasta dishes, the oval ones are perfect for pies - fish pie, shepherds pie, etc.  I'm also keeping a large oval dish (not in the photo).  But the rest is far more than I need and, with three other sets (pretty, everyday and historical-best), there's no way I need this nowadays.  I am delighted someone else can use them.

That means just one trip to the charity shop instead of two or more.  That china is heavy!

I have one and a half cupboards still to do plus the under the stairs cupboard and then it's just tidying away all the bits and bobs.  Then I will be ready for decoration to start on Wednesday!  Woo hoo!

Today the aforementioned friend is picking up the china she wants so I have to stay in for that.  An ideal opportunity to really get stuck in at the clearing.  Then it's allotment time and I think I might take my sandwich, apple and coffee (and Kindle) down with me and have lunch there, weather permitting.  It's just weeding and watering today.

Then it is evening ironing.  Just a normal, small task, friendly, satisfying schedule, just like my life nowadays.  < happy sigh >

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