Friday 14 July 2017


Good morning, everyone.  I am rather painstakingly typing this using the on-screen keyboard on my laptop as the PC is all covered over.  Yes, decorating has reached the technology and it's all rather a mess in the older part of the living room now.  By this evening, Paul will have finished that bit and I can have my 'office' back again.  Three cheers!

Then it's the hard work putting everything back in the floor to almost ceiling cupboards as a lot of it will need a good sort out - all the fabric and all the paper stuff.  Ah well!

Yesterday I spent about an hour and a half down the allotment, doing some much needed weeding and forking over where we have lifted the potatoes and then raking it all flat.  We want to put some kale in there and, maybe, some more chard.

Today I'm off to B&Q to see if I can find some clothes hooks and this afternoon it's - guess what - yes, allotment.  Beth can come today so there will be lots of coffee and chat as well as harvesting and watering, etc.

Then, this evening, I have a whole stack of ironing to do, assuming there's any free space.

So just a nice, ordinary day today.  I hope yours is good too.

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