Wednesday 19 July 2017


Hello, everyone.  How did you sleep last night?  We had a storm here which, unusually, disturbed me.  It wasn't the noise as once my hearing aids are out I hear nothing, it was the lightning.  Really bright!  I didn't stay awake for long though, thank goodness.

Yesterday was lovely.  We decided not to go out but we had good chats, caught up on stuff, went out for lunch (which was lovely, thanks, A) and then popped round to the allotment so I could water and pick.  No need to water today after the overnight rain.

Dinner was salmon with allotment veg - potatoes, courgettes, green beans and mange tout and it was delicious!

I had one tuition session which was fun.

Today we might be going out and we might not, it all depends.  Nice and casual.

Have a good day, wherever you are and whatever you do.

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