Friday 21 July 2017


. . . and what a lovely, sunny morning it is too.  There's quite a breeze so it doesn't feel hot and it's very cheerful.  Hope it stays like this.

My friend left yesterday morning and had a great journey back home.  I set to and cleared more cupboard stuff and under the stairs looks like a useful space rather than a glory hole now.  There's still some stuff to tidy away but I'm pleased, all the same.

I wasn't needed in school so I had a pleasant afternoon before two great tuition sessions.

Today is busy (which is why I'm late).  The cleaners are coming for the first time in three weeks so I've made it easy for them to get into the nooks and crannies.  I'm off to the Leavers' Assembly at eleven (note to self:  make sure I have tissues in my bag) and then I shall pop round to selected classes to wish them a good holiday.

I was wrong about just teacher who are moving classrooms needing to clear their cupboards.  All the classrooms are having a 'deep clean' so everyone has had to clear out everything.  Oh, my!  I don't envy them one bit, but the school will be shiny clean come September and that will be nice.

Anyway, then I'm home and Sharon is coming to see to the bird's nest that is my hair.  I can't wait.

So it is a busy day all round and I'd better get going again.

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