Saturday 22 July 2017


Morning, everyone.  We've had more rain overnight which is just perfect.  Rain at night, sun during the day.  Just what the garden and allotment ordered!   Three cheers.

I was out for dinner last night with my mum and dad.  I had a buttermilk chicken burger and it was delicious, covered with smoked bacon and cheese, so delicious that I more or less finished the lot off apart from the top of the bun!  My only grumble was that they served fries, not chips, those thin, twiggy like things - next time I must remember to ask for chips instead.  They're very obliging at the Millstream and I'm sure they would.  Dad had one of the specials, liver and bacon, and it did look delicious!

Working back through yesterday, the lovely Sharon is back in business and came round to do our hair.  It's been rather a long time as she's been out of action and I was feeling very shaggy-horses-mane-ish but it's fine now.  Phew.

Before then, I was at the Leavers' Assembly and a bitter-sweet time it was too.  Tear creating.  The class I had in Y1 was one of my favourites.  They were lovely.  Some right characters, always looked out for each other and generally hard workers.  I'm sure they will make their mark on their next schools.

And before then I did some clearing out, putting away and washing.  The cleaner came and I now have an acceptable home again.  Paul was really good at minimising dust and cleaning up after his work each day, but, inevitably, there was some extra mess and dust.  It is lovely to get my home back again AND now I have somewhere to put the ironing board away.  Three cheers.

The garden is flourishing in the current weather we are having.  Even though they're late, the runners should be ready for a first picking next week and after that there will be no stopping them so I'm glad I have room in the freezer for surplus.  I've picked the first two tomatoes (yum) and others are now turning too.  It's one of the pleasures of my summers to pick some early morning, dry them in a little butter and have them on toast.  SO delicious!  The potatoes are growing mightily, they're taking over that corner of the garden, so I'm hoping the spuds in the bags will be correspondingly big and beautiful. The few carrots I planted are also almost ready to pull.  How lovely is that?

I have no idea what we're doing today but am sure that, whatever it is, it will be fun.  Have a great day yourself too.


  1. Sadly the rain drenched mid Sussex in the middle of the afternoon, one of the showers a really heavy down pour.

    Attended the Wivelsfield Village Day by assisting in the RSPB gazebo. Luckily the pitches on either side of us had side walls, which gave us a little bit of shelter when it came down side ways. Oh boy, reminded me of my childhood camping in the rain when everything just drips.

    Was it worth it at £15.03 pence profit for the RSPB? Well it was an interesting day, every little helps and spreads the word and presence. All the punters were very happy with the 'taster' packets of free dried mealworms (important protein source for the babies as there is an overall decline in insects).

    Sadly, had to pack up early though. Trying to keep everything dry but failing, even my knitting got damp, folding up a thoroughly sodden gazebo top and stuffing it into it's bag was quite a novel experience!! LOL

  2. That's such a shame after all the the work prepping and getting set up that these things take. I'm sure it was very effective for the people who came though and the 'taster' packs is a great idea. My dad always puts mealworms out in their garden.
    J x