Monday 3 July 2017


Good morning, everyone.
I'm getting the days all muddled up at the moment.  I wrote 'Sunday', then Tuesday' for the heading and it really doesn't feel like Monday at all right now.  Maybe it's because Sunday felt anything but Sunday-ish.  No idea why and, thank goodness, it doesn't matter anyway!  :-)

Yesterday was busy.  The white crockery has now all gone (cheers) and there's just one load to take to the charity shop.  I've almost finished the clearing and Beth is coming to help with the last bit so I've pulled out of school this afternoon as we are meeting up the allotment this morning.  The living room still looks like a bomb has hit it but really it's not that bad and won't take too much longer!

I didn't get the ironing finished but, given that it is Wombledon (that was a typo but I'm leaving it in because I like it!), I shall have plenty of opportunity to iron as my head goes from side to side following that ball, so I'm not fretting.

I've been busy already this morning, making four loaves of bread and some smoked salmon pate.  The pate is for lunch for me but the bread is for giving away.  They are now in the oven with about ten minutes to go and it's lovely as I haven't made bread for a fair old time.  As soon as that's out, I will pop back up for my bath and to get properly dressed (as opposed to improperly?) before buzzing around a bit more.

The strategy of taking a pile of stuff up each time I go upstairs has worked well.  I guess I will have to do the same but the other way round in a fortnight's time.  It'll be more work as I will be sorting out all the stationery of which I have way, way too much, but I will have to do it because I need the guest room the following week (and the week after that too).  Oh, well, it will be lovely when it is all done and dusted, won't it?

Well, the house is smelling gorgeous - is there a better aroma than fresh baking bread? - so I'd better go and check on things.  Have a great day, everyone.


  1. I love the smell of fresh baked bread - in my case that's not entirely a good thing since that's one reason I fall off the gluten free wagon :-( I meant to comment when I originally read your smoked salmon recipes but the Pate sounds delicious!

  2. No, in your case, not so brilliant, sadly. The pate was really scrummy. I ate the lot and wished for more!
    Please do comment on t'other blog, that would be lovely!
    J x