Friday 28 July 2017


Funny old day, it is.  It was raining earlier, then the sun came out and it was gorgeously sunny, now it is clouding over again.  Do we have allotment today or not.  Will we be able to picnic?  Who knows?  Time alone will tell.

Yesterday was great.
I picked Beth up and we went off, firstly to Costas to spend my present (a Costa card), then into Hobbycraft for a good meander around and, yes, we bought a few things but nothing that bad) and then we went to Pizza Hut for a buffet lunch.  I love those buffet meals: you feel you're getting a lot, even if you're not really, and the choice is pretty good.

When I got home, I meant to get some planning done but I went to sleep instead.  Never mind, the planning got done later.

Today I've done the tuition (nice and early) and now the day's mine.  Allotment, maybe a picnic and then maybe some sewing.  There are runner beans and tomatoes to pick at home and goodness knows what at the allotment!  I have eggs to use and fancy making some mayo using my Bamix stick thingy.  It's so delicious!  I won't have time to make bread but maybe I will make the dough and then pop it in the fridge overnight.  How lovely to have an open day!

Here's to a good day for us all.

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