Tuesday 18 July 2017


Morning, everyone.  Wasn't it hot yesterday?  I was happy to stay indoors as much as possible in the heat of the day!  It feels nice and cool right now which is comfortable.

I got just about all the chores done.
The history cupboard was fine really, it just needed a bit of tweaking.

FS was, as always, fun.  The littlies are so lovely.  I'm glad my teaching career was with the younger members of the school community.

The sorting out/putting away again is progressing.  I can now put things pack in the cupboards under the stairs but might wait until my guest has left - it all depends what we are going to do really.

The planning for today's tuition is sorted - always a weight off my mind.  In fact, the way things have worked out, I only need to do one more lot of planning this week as I have activities left from previous sessions.  I do have to think about next week's sessions but there's time for that!

The decorating is finished and I have paid the bill.  My home is mine again.  Now I'd better start saving for the next time!

So that was yesterday.  I don't know about today yet.  We could go to Coggeshall today and to Ingatestone Hall tomorrow but we might decide to have a quiet day in and catch up on each other's news as it's been quite a while.  I do have to go and water the allotment and, maybe, pick some goodies if there are any and maybe A. will come too.  Oh, yes, and I have washing to do.

All is still quiet upstairs.  I think I will have another coffee and then my bath by which time A might be coming round.  If not, no problem.

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