Sunday 30 July 2017


We have rain!

Actually, that's not quite true right now as it's cleared and the sun is shining through the gaps a bit but there's more on the way.

Good morning, everyone.  Welcome to Soggy Sunday!

I got loads done yesterday - but not the front garden!

We met at the allotment, Beth and I, and after coffee and a chat, set to work.  The edges are now neat, we have planted more mange tout and sugar snaps (fingers crossed that they germinate), we weeded just a bit more (there wasn't all that much to do) and we dug over the ex-potato patch, raked it flat, sowed some more chard and then planted out as many of the little leeks as we had space for.  The rest will have to wait until we have cleared more potatoes.  Beth had a chat to a chap further along who gave us some of his beetroot and told us to take a look at his dahlias and let him know the ones we liked and he would prepare some plants for us next year.  Wasn't that kind?  There's no point us sharing our produce with him, he has loads, but I will have a rummage in my jam cupboard.  Lord knows, there's enough to feed the five thousand in there so sharing would be good!

Beth came back with me and we had lunch - home grown tomatoes fried in a little butter on toast.  Totally delicious!

Then I cleared the kitchen, made my bread dough and then popped to Morrisons to get a few things I needed for today before I finished off the bread and made a curry for today with loads of bits and bobs.

Come the evening I was tired and slept in my chair!  Getting old, that's the trouble.

Today I have guests for lunch (hence the curry) so need to make sure everywhere is relatively neat and tidy.  Later on I need to plan as I have three tuition sessions tomorrow.  So another busy day that ought to keep me out of trouble.

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