Saturday 29 July 2017


Morning, everyone.  After copious amounts of rain overnight, this morning is beautifully sunny so the windows are all open to take advantage of the fresh air (I still have a painty aroma all over the place).  The skies are clear blue and there's a gentle breeze.  I may well have breakfast outside today.

Beth and I managed to dodge the raindrops enough to put in a good two hours each on the allotment and have a simple picnic lunch.  When we had finished the work, we sat there in companionable silence, looking at what we had harvested and at the now neat and tidy again allotment with huge satisfaction.  We're both really glad that we've been making the effort necessary this year - it's a wonderful feeling.

The corn is now 'flowering' so the little cobs can't be far behind, we have two medium sized squashes hidden under the corn to go with the cute titchy ones, the cucumber is producing at a great rate of knots, ditto for the beans and the courgettes, we got loads of potatoes from just one row that we lifted and the mange tout and sugar snaps are now over so we cleared those rows.

At home I picked runner beans, tomatoes and a few strawberries.

Courgettes, green beans, runner beans, cucumbers, loadsa potatoes, tomatoes and a few strawberries - oh, and one spring onion that survived the attentions of a pesky cat that scratched all the others up.

Two butternut squashes

Some green beans that'll be ready in a few days.

< satisfied sigh >

Today is a day without any diary commitments so, of course, I will be very busy.  Allotment first, to strim the edges and plant some more peas, just to see if we can get a second harvest.  Then I want to jam some plums, freeze some green beans, make a vegetable curry, sort out my front garden which is getting itself into a right mess again, make bread and generally have a productive and homey day!

And we're supposed to be getting more rain later on!

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