Wednesday 3 December 2014


Just a quick one because really I said it all last night!

It feels cold this morning.  No frost but I was glad to shut the front door after a quick peek out and the radiators are doing their usual efficient job, thank goodness.

Afyter a busy day yesterday, today is a tad more relaxed with Violins and PPA this afternoon.  I had a great night's sleep so am hoping that I won't feel the urge to fall asleep in staff meeting.

I'm also hoping that by Friday evening I will have a working oven again.  One of the ovens on my range has stopped working and 'the man' is coming in on F4reiday to, hopefully, repair it.  I can do Christmas dinner for six on (or in) one oven but two would be much more helpful and make life a lot easier.

Beth - a reminder!!!!

Have a good day and stay warm.

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