Thursday 4 December 2014


It's dress rehearsal day today and I'm all jittery and twitchy and woke really ridiculously early, even for me.  The filming man is in too, to take shots of things for the DVD and the Essex Chronicle photographer might be in to take a photo, although that's not necessarily a dead cert.

After that it is my coordinator time so I can muse over all the things that went wr - I mean rejoice in the excellence of what we have to offer, remembering the saying about dress rehearsals (or not, depending).

The rest of the day should be what passes for normal!

I shall be glad when next Thursday is all over!


  1. Good Luck, Joy - I can imagine you are nervous, but I am also sure that the dress rehearsal will be delightful.
    Thinking of you and hope you have a good day. :o) S.xxxx

  2. Hi, Sonja. It went well, thanks. :-)
    J x