Thursday 18 December 2014


At the moment the very first thing I do each morning is check my mailbox.  This is because I have sent the children a Jacqui Lawson card each day as an Advent thing and I need to send it on from my mailbox to theirs on our Learning Platform.

Once in there I had a lovely surprise.  Ages ago I ordered a book, 'Pioneer Girl: the annotated autobiography'.  I've always been a great fan of the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder and it's obvious that many events in the books have been watered down or amended to make them 'suitable' for the young readership at the time they were written.  There's also much that she left out, understandably.  However, her own private writings and what we know of her life tell a somewhat different story and this is what the book is all about.
Anyone interested could follow this link that takes one to a sort of book blog, describing how the book was put together, some of the research, the findings, oh, all sorts of things.  I find it fascinating and am so looking forward to the arrival of the book.

It has taken Amazon a long time to track a copy down.  It's a new publication and, I gather, very, very popular.  I had almost given up on receiving a copy at all.  Oh, me of little faith!  It's is due to arrive on Monday and, thank goodness, I asked for it to be sent to my home address, not to school as I usually do.  I now (as of about ten minutes ago) gather there will be a second print in the new year so I suppose I would have received it at some point.

Now the big question will be do I start reading it straight away or do I wait . . . maybe not such a big question after all?

As expected, yesterday was another enjoyable day.  It was violins in the morning and PPA in the afternoon, being Wednesday, and no staff meeting after school.  Some staff were off out in the evening for the end of term do but I knew I would never manage it so didn't sign up.  I'm glad I didn't because by seven I was snoozing happily under my double fleece and by eight I was tucked up in bed.  As I snoozed, I was vaguely aware of a programme I would have liked to watch with two Famous People (who are brothers in law, something I didn't know) on a hunt for Chrisrtmas wine so I'm crossing my fingers that it is on iPlayer.

Today we have a special drum assembly and quite a lot of finishing off.  I also have a meeting.  There's no let up yet!

And now coffee is calling so I must answer its call!


  1. Like you I love the Little House books and therefore will follow your link, thank you for alerting us to this new book. I hope you have a lovely relaxed time over Christmas:)

  2. I'll let you know Sweffling. It's due to arrive either today or tomorrow and I can't wait.
    J x