Tuesday 23 December 2014

Tuesday (later on)

Well, the shopping is done (and we will have to live without celery because I forgot it), the flowers have arrived, several parcels have been delivered including the annotated Pioneer Girl which looks fantastic (and has lots and lots of reading) and the turkey has just been delivered.  It looks HUGE - I'm sure it is more than I ordered.  There might be an oven dish issue here so fingers crossed.  I will face that one tomorrow though!

Back to my book . . .


  1. Vicariously enjoying your Christmas prep. Thanks for posting. Here things are of necessity a tad more subdued. Jx

  2. Are you still not feeling too good, Joan. :-( and (((hugs)))
    J x

  3. A lot better thanks, but still not much of an appetite.
    Hope you have a lovely time. Jx