Monday 29 December 2014


Brrr - another extremely chilly morning here with a heavy frost.  Still no snow and it doesn't look as if we will get any either, not this time.

Seven more days before school starts again sounds absolutely wonderful, doesn't it?  In those seven days I have various bits and bobs to do but generally it's going to be unstressed and easy going, I hope.  Can't complain about that!

Yesterday I slept in the morning, I slept in the afternoon and I had areasonable night's sleep too.  Something else not to complain about.  In between snoozing I watched back-to-back Doctor Whos and made some delicious chunky turkey soup and some equally delicious turkey curry, all nicely embedded in the freezer in single portions now.  I also managed to keep the kitchen fairly tidy which is amazing.

Today - well, this and that really.  Perhaps more snoozing later on, depending on how much the lack of caffeine impacts.  I do need to sort out the fridge a bit so that's top of the list, I think.  Hopefully there will be no wastage.  I have tried to be more careful this year.  Once I have done that I will know what I can make.  It will involve ham, that's for sure.  Ham, eggs and wedges sounds quite nice, doesn't it?  We will see.

And now the not-caffeine calleth!


  1. Lots of rest, pottering and snoozing sounds grand. Jx

  2. It has been an interesting day one way and another and I feel very relaxed. Nice.
    J x