Tuesday 9 December 2014


Brrr - it's certainly cold out there right now.  There's a very heavy frost which is brightening the darkness and making me feel quite festive.  I'm sure Santa would be happy with the landing conditions, even without snow!

Oh, my goodness, I was tired last night.  The main problem was that on Sunday afternoon/evening I slept for several hours (including through most of Strictly).  Consequently, when I 'went to bed', I wasn't fall-asleep-straight-away-tired.  I did have a peaceful night even though most of it was sleeping lightly rather than deeply, and there were Christmas Show niggles prowling warily around the edges of my consciousness for much of the time.  I should have written a list but I wasn't awake enough for that.

So I woke not totally refreshed yesterday morning, hence the tiredness several hours later.

It was the first of our three performances of Busy, Busy Bethlehem in the morning.  We used to do two performances but for reasons of Elfin-Safety, we now do three.  Three evening performances would be far too much for our littlies so one is a daytime show.

What can I say?  They were lovely.  The show was lovely.  The actors were lovely, the singing was lovely, the costumes were lovely, it was all lovely.  It takes it out of you though when you're in charge, especially when you  have an early morning shock.  This is what happened.

On Friday I put all the important show stuff in a yellow tray.  The numbers for each performance, the music, the script, the performance CD, the reserved signs, the little slips to go on each chair . . . oh, you get the idea.  The lot!  Every important bit of paperwork there was.  Everything I needed.

And because it was the Christmas Fair and my bay was in use Friday evening, I put it away somewhere safe.

Now you have to remember I wasn't feeling well come end of school on Friday to the extent that I was sick (and t'other) all the way through the night.  Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it because . . .

Yesterday morning I COULDN'T FIND THE TRAY.  Yes, it deserves capital letters.  A total and utter disaster.  Talk about a panic.  Had it vaporised?  Had it walked?  All sorts of ridiculous and impossable scenarios flashed through my brain.

My colleagues were wonderful.  They got the hall set up while I searched and, as is always the way, I found the tray in a very sensible place.  And yes, I remembered putting it there too - when I found it.

But the show was lovely!  And that's what it is all about, isn't it?

Did I sleep well last night?  Well, what do you think?


  1. WONDERFUL news about the show, I am so glad. You must be so relieved. What a scare about that tray though! So pleased you were able to find that in time!
    Yes, I can well believe you slept well last night. That's great.
    Hope today is going really well.

  2. It was a huge relief after a right panic!!!
    J x