Friday 12 December 2014


What a week!  Three infant shows.  Three opportunities for the smallest, youngest children in our wonderful school to show what they are made of.  And did they shine?  Of course they did.  They were absolutely amazing, wonderful, fantastic.

The end of a show is always such a bitter-sweet experience.  One has lived 'show' for five or six weeks.  Suddenly there's a huge gap.  No more show.  No more rehearsals.  No more dance practise.

To  more than counter-balance those 'no mores' there are the sweet moments.  The hearty and energetic singing.  The amazing way in which gifted teachers enable their very young children to dance in such a wonderfully precise and wonderful way.  The courageous little soloists whose rendition of a very simple yet complex song brought tears to the eyes of many (including me). The little actors whose interpretations created both smiles and admiration.  Oh, so many, many memories have been made this week.  Everyone has been amazing.

And now it's all over and there's a great big gap in my life.  Sentimental?  Well, of course.  :-)  Sad?  Extremely.

But life goes on.


  1. Big holes in your life are always difficult I am filling mine with a puppy and I am sure you too will find some nice gap filler even if it is the christmas preparations in the kitchen.

  2. The shows sound absolutely wonderful and a sheer delight - I can well imagine that the children's performances brought tears to your's and other's eyes.
    I am also sure you will fill the gap left very, very quickly if I know you. ;o)
    Have a lovely Friday. S.xxxx

  3. It will be the Christmas preparations all round, Diane!!! The hoiuse is a right tip at the moment!
    I'm looking forward to seeing the DVD, Sonja!
    J x