Monday 22 December 2014


So here we are on the first REAL day of the holiday as opposed to a weekend that doesn't lead anywhere!

Traditionally, I used to wander into town and gently meander around my favourite shops but that ain't going to happen today - or at any time in the next few weeks.  Not until the whole 'sale' thing dies down and life resumes normal proportions again.  Until then, any shopping of that kind will be conducted via the Internet.

It being the first day of the holiday, it seems rather a shame it has to be a busy day, doesn't it?  However, it will be nice-busy with Beth and Alex coming over to help.  Beth is icing the Christmas cake and Alex is helping me set up the Christmas tree.  I have to finish sorting out upstairs and then Al will help me move some stuff into the garage - temporarily, of course.  They should re-emerge at some point in the next ten years!

My bedroom is now looking remarkably welcoming.  I just have to pull out the bed, deal with the clutter that has fallen down behind and then do a hoover.  Yes, it's being cleaned again tomorrow but there's absolutely no way I am letting the ladies see the mess behind the bed.  It'll be cleaned properly tomorrow!

Dave took me out for a drive in his car yesterday - I mean I drove and he - er - sweated politely in the passenger seat.  It was bliss compared to my beloved old Peugeot.  Thanks, Dave.

I also had a temporary disaster.  I made another batch of marmalade, thick cut Seville this time.  I boiled and tested for set and poured into jars - and it didn't set.  I have no idea why not because the test was OK.  Fortunately, I know enough to know that a re-boil is the solution.  I did and it did.  Mind you, what's the betting it is way too firm now?  I'll find out when I have breakfast!

I now have a day and a half to finish sorting the house out.  Realistically there's less time than that but it's enough time.  Let's face it, I haven't exactly busted myself in the last few days and I got quite a lot done.  We will get there.

But for now, guess what?  Yes, another coffee!
Have a great day.

Edited later:
It's not too firm, it's just right.  And delicious!


  1. More coffee for me too then it will be time to hit the shower before I start on kitchen duty/ puppy minding

  2. It's amazing how coffee punctuates the day, isn't it?
    I've just finished one; now I must carry on!
    J x