Wednesday 24 December 2014

Christmas eve, later in the morning

Well, with help from my visitors I seem to have worked through my list quite nicely.
We now have celery and a paper to read.
The turkey is ready - and I was right, it's a lot heavier than I ordered.  Good oh!
The giblets have been boiled up in some turkey stock and the resulting liquid smells fantastic.  Good gravy tomorrow.
Beth's bottom is simmering away nicely.
The ironing is being done as I type.
The sprouts are ready
The pigs in blankets, potatoes, carrots , parsnips and baby onions are in the freezer - I put them into the hot fat from frozen.
The bread sauce is in the freezer.
The mince pies, Christmas pud, etc, are all ready for reheating.

And for this evening:
Dave and Anna are making pizza
I have to make a very simple salad.
The coleslaw is made
The garlic bread is bought (cheat)
There's a cake, mince pies and fruit for dessert.
There's alcohol galore.

As I said - we won't starve.  Far from it!


  1. "Beth's bottom is simmering away nicely" .... help,my mind boggles and I'll be sniggering away all morning ...
    Have a wonderfull Christmas!
    Annabeth x

  2. :-) Sounds good, doesn't it! Poor Beth.
    A very Merry Christmas to you too, Annabeth.
    J x