Sunday 28 December 2014


Borrowed from Google
Brrr - it's a jolly chilly early morning today.  I've thrown frugal caution to the wind and turned up the heating.  I intend to stay warm today as I have planned quite an idle day so won't be moving around too much and keeping myself warm that way.

More or less back to normal now apart from some washing, drying and ironing and rather a lot of bits and bobs of food to finish off.  Fortunately, Beth and Alex always come over here for New Year's Eve so that will be a good opportunity to put out a selection of frivolous foods I really shouldn't have spent good money on in the first place.

I am also back on decaf coffee.  While mum and dad were here I made a nice big pot of the full fat type each day and indulged but I have a feeling it has contributed to my restless nights.  Not bad nights exactly but I have been waking several times each night since Christmas Eve.  It may not be linked but it seems likely.  So, from today, the caffeine goes.  You can get decaf for a coffee maker and, judging by the aroma filtering through from the kitchen, it will taste wonderful.

It's another quiet day today.  I expect no visitors so I think it will be a PJ day unless I feel like getting properly dressed.  Yesterday I slept through the afternoon and today might very well follow a similar pattern.  If it does, no problems!  I gather there's a lot of Doctor Who on one of the channels today so guess what I will be doing!  between snoozles, that is.

I need to make some bread.  The loaves I made just before Christmas have lasted wonderfully well but are now only fit for toast, croutons and breadcrumbs.  Another sign of normality, to make bread at the weekend.

And now for that coffee . . .