Saturday 13 December 2014

Saturday and Good Things

On this cold and frosty Saturday morning, I thought I would do a 'good things' list.  It's going to be a busy day and I need to think positive.  Housework isn't my fave activity but a positive start will work wonders.

So here goes.

Lots of parcels arrived at school.  All the things I ordered seemed to arrive over a couple of days.  I now have my (somewhat very immature) Christmas quilt cover and pillow cases set, the new coffee maker (the old one leaks copious amounts of water), the crackers, the gift bags and ribbon . . . oh, loads of stuff.

After a packed week both the children and I were zonked yesterday but they were as good as gold and there were no explosions.  Amazing because it was the Christmas dinner and they were allowed to wear Christmas jumpers (as a Save the Children fundraiser).  There were some very creative efforts including a felt-made effort and a crayoned picture that was then attached to a normal jumper.  It certainly cheered up the classroom with half the children in reds, greens and shine rather then the usual royal blue!

As they were so tired and because lunch was early and games was cancelled (rain), we relaxed over the DVDs of the last two shows, when they were in Y1 and in FS.  They loved it and so did I.

Playground duty on Thursday was cancelled as it was lashing with rain.  Now I only have one more before my half term off.  Yay!

Lots of nice comments about the show.  People seemed to enjoy it.  Also it's the last time we will have to do in in such cramped circumstances as next year the new school hall will be ready.  The DVDs arrive on Monday, we hope.

I might have a mega task ahead in getting the house today but how thankful I am that my circumstances permit me to spoil myself with help in getting the house clean and shiny.  I should have given in and done this years ago.  It makes a huge, huge difference.

Although I haven't yet heard when 'they' can come back to repair one of my ovens, I am glad that I have two ovens and only one doesn't work.  I can cook a Christmas dinner fine with one oven - it's just easier with two.  I have a thermomix, a pressure cooker, a microwave and a halogen oven.  No problems!  I'm making plans, just in case.
Mind you - how many gadgets should one person need???

I may already have mentioned it but last Friday (not yesterday) my darling daughter set to and reduced the contents of my ironing basket to manageable proportions.  She's so lovely!

And, finally, I fell asleep in my chair before 7:00 last night, woke and got myself to bed, went back to sleep and came to at quarter to five this morning.  That's almost ten hours of more or less solid sleep (I think I might have wandered down to the loo at some point overnight) which was much needed and very welcomed.  I feel fine this morning.

So much to be glad about.  Pollyanna would be proud of me!

So - kitchen first, I think, and then I will work my way around.  I may be gone some time!

I've just discovered another.  When I opened the curtains I discovered that all the piles of leaves all over the patio have been blown into neat piles in corners.  Yay!

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