Wednesday 24 December 2014


I did another stupid wake-up last night but but it was early enough  not to sound too stupid - half eleven is before the bedtime of some people but when you've gone to bed at just after eight it's rather the middle of the night.  Luckily a quick read managed to sort that out and I woke at six this morning which is almost late for me!

The thing is, there's so many things a-buzzin' around in my head.  I glance at my list and I wonder what others will make of it.  Prepare Beth's bottom sounds very - ah -interesting but it just means the bottom of her vegetarian crumble for tomorrow!

I was resigned to managing without celery but Dave came round and said he will be going shopping today and will get some.  Excellent.  It is a family favourite and is part of the starter for most casseroles, pies, etc.

The turkey is HUGE.  I haven't weighed it yet but will be most surprised if it comes anywhere near the 7g I ordered.  I have a feeling this might involve chopping off the drumsticks to get it into the pan but we will see.  It's on the list of things to prepare anyway.

Sweffling - I'm loving the annotated Pioneer Girl.  It's a very substantial book (now I understand why it was so expensive) but the annotations are interesting by themselves.  One would need to have read the Little House books at the very least to get the most out of the book but, given that I've been a fan for decades, I'm so glad I bought it.  I can't see anyone buying it who didn't already have an interest in Laura's books anyway!
I've taken off the cover to avoid it getting damaged!!

Well, I'd better get going.  I'd like to get the long list of things for today prepared and ready so I can have a sit down this afternoon.  Here's hoping.


  1. Thanks for the update re the book. Husband and I know the Little House books from cover to cover and have read others from Rose and Laura as adults so I think I shall go ahead and order this too. Many thanks:)

  2. You won't regret it, Sweffling. i have lost it temporarily to Beth who is devouring it but she hasto give it back before she goes home! :-D
    J x