Wednesday 10 December 2014


Only eight more days till the end of term (school days, that is). Eeeeek!

After a lovely night's sleep, I have woken to strong winds and lashing rain.  That's nothing compared with what they've been getting in other parts of the Isles so I guess we're fortunate.  I wonder how hyper the children will be with the wind.

No show yesterday so we had a day's respite.  The two evening shows are tonight and tomorrow night so it's going to be all go!  Fingers crossed.

Yesterday was (as usual) a very good day.  Today should be the same which is nice.  I like Wednesdays with violins and library times to add to the mix.  And must remember to get the children to take their chairs to the hall at the end of the afternoon!

Kettle has boiled and coffee is calling so I'd better go.  Stay warm and, if possible, dry.


  1. Only eight more days! That's exciting!
    Weatherwise it is very quiet here - very cold, but with bits and bobs of sunshine, no wind to speak of.
    Best of luck with the forthcoming two performances - I am sure they will be as lovely as the first one.
    Have a good day.

  2. At the moment we are both dry still so I guess from your comments we had better brace ourselves. Good luck with the shows and I see you too are counting down the days!

  3. I am, Diane, for a different reason. Yours comes sooner than mine!
    Thanks, Sonja. I'm sure it will be fine.
    J x

  4. Thankful it's over for now, lovely sunshine and completely windstill at last!

    I know you'll be on tenterhooks but do try and enjoy the performances too! (and here's a Swiss Good Luck: Toi, toi, toi!!) :-)

  5. Aw, many thanks. I gather there's more to come, weather wise, but only one more show.
    J x