Sunday 21 December 2014


Second day in and, as I posted yesterday, I now have both ovens working properly again.  It's a great relief because, as already stated, although I could do the Christmas dinner in the one oven (millions do, after all), I'd rather have the convenience of both!

It seems that reinstating capcha has sorted out the spam attack, thank goodness.  Unfortunately, something has messed up the counter to the extent that it shows only one visitor yesterday, which I know to be inaccurate!  I think I will have to replace that and make an educated guess as to how many read over the last few days.

Getting the house ready for Christmas is going well.  I did the first of a two stage shop early yesterday morning when Morrisons was virtually empty and intend to get the fresh stuff and the dairy stuff early Tuesday morning.  Then that's that!  As I always say, there is no way we will starve!

I didn't make any bread yesterday as I wasn't sure when the oven man was coming and I didn't want him to be greeted by a very hot oven.  That's my first task, then, to get the dough made.  After that it's just dig in and keep working until things are done.

Mind you, what he was greeted with was a shocking mess under the oven when he pulled it out.  I really MUST make a habit of cleaning under a little more regularly!  Once a year would be a huge improvement.  At least I was able to sweep up the muck yesterday and also to give the sides of the oven a good wipe down and I guess he's seen worse.
And I MUST wash the floor of the oven too!  Eeeeeek!

Better get started then!

Edited later to add:  
There's no doubt - the fan oven bakes bread a lot better than the non fan oven!  Between that and the marmalade I have just made and the fresh coffee the house smells wonderful!


  1. What I want to know is who throws the peas under the cooker I know it is not me!!!!! Fortunately mine is built in but it could really do with a clean. Perhaps in the new year!!!

  2. LOL! The new year does seem a natural time, doesn't it? Good luck to us both with that one!
    J x