Tuesday 2 December 2014


After a VERY hectic day at school I am taking time out  and doing not-an-awful-lot this evening.  I will probably regret it tomorrow morning but right now I don't care one little bit or two hoots, which ever is the biggest!

Therefore I have decided to do a late blog entry.

Without going into detail, I've been working hard to get my assessments up to date for a meeting.  That's now happened and it is done and dusted.

As well as that we have had the second run through of the Infant Christmas Show today and, thank goodness, it all went well.  That's a huge weight off my mind too.  To be honest, I'm not sure I could work, even if I wanted to so it is just as well I don't need to.

I popped into Morrisons this evening to get something to relax with (make of that what you will!!!) and realised, to my delight, that all the new foody mags were on the shelf.  I'm an utter sucker for foody mags, sadly, and revel in them through the month.  I am now looking fondly at a pile of  reading material that will give me both entertainment and pleasure as well as being useful, I hope.

I don't know what the weather has been like your way but it's been a dull, dark, dismal and damp day (how's that for alliteration?) which has been gradually getting colder and colder as the day progressed.  There's been a fair old wind too, which has made it feel colder.

So when I walked through my front door this evening, I was immensely grateful for the central heating!  Now I need to work at staying awake until a sensible bed time!

< satisfied sigh! >

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