Sunday 7 December 2014


Good morning, gentle readers.  It's still chilly here but nothing like it was yesterday and my lovely double fleece is keeping me good and warm.  Things have now picked up and I feel so much better, thank goodness.  I feel bad at missing yesterday's planned things because it will make tomorrow so much more difficult, but there you go, that's life sometimes.

At some point yesterday my blog counter clicked into the 50,000s.  For a little, non- specific, ordinary blog I'm quite chuffed.  Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me over years as well as to newer readers and those who pop in occasionally.

Well, what about today?  All of yesterday's things, I guess, plus Beth and Al coming for lunch and I might make another batch of bread and freeze it for Christmas.  Or there again, I might not.  It's hardly a hassle and by then I will be on holiday so can make some several times a day if I really wish.

At school, this is all the rage.

You put in your soup, put on the lid, take your soup to work or whatever and then, at lunch time, open the little red thing at the top, heat your soup in the microwave, take off the lid and drink it straight from the mug.  It saves faffing about with pots and so on, definitely saves on the old washing up and is just a Good Ideas - so I bought one and it arrived on Friday!

Me being me, I also bought a couple of others, different sizes, for things like pasta or casserole.  Will I use them?  I do hope so.

Now I need coffee so I will sign off and get on with stuff.  Have a good Sunday!


  1. Congratulations on the 50K when you think how many blogs must be out there it is quite amazing.

  2. Thanks, Diane. I'm pleased and, as you say, there's a lot of us around! I think it's quite nice really, so many people all reaching out in a small way!
    J x