Tuesday 23 December 2014


Yesterday Christmas started.

After being surprised by an early knock on the door from the cleaners, two hours later I had a shiny house.  I then set to and got the Christmas tree out of the garage and set it up.  Beth and Al turned up and now the decorations are all out and apart from a bit of clearing, the house is ready.  Beth iced the cake (which was not without a few problems but she managed and it looks lovely now), Sharon came round to do our hair and then we had a take away and watched Miracle on 34th Street.

Very nice it was too.

I'm expecting various parcels and packages this week (apart from the obvious ones, I mean).  The first arrived yesterday.

The back story is that my wireless system, including the telly, is really old now.  I joined before Telewest became Virgin which is a while ago now.  As a result, the remote has become less and less usable as various buttons have failed and last week, when the 'OK' button started playing up, I snapped, went on Amazon and bought what I hoped would work.
It did!  It's rather nice to be able to press gently again and get the desired results.  I gather I can also set it to control a few things on the telly too, but it looks a bit complicated so I'm not worrying about that.

Also the DVD/Video player has started playing up and I noticed it was showing some sort of code.  I looked that up and it wasn't good news at all.  Everything I read indicated that it was a serious internal problem.  Eeeeek.  Then I came across a lone voice saying, in effect, 'All I did was switch the DVD player off, leave it for a minute and start it again (I think the term is 'reboot'?) and it's been fine ever since'.
So I did and it is!  Phew.

Today I go shopping early, the turkey arrives, some more parcels arrive (I hope), I do a bit of housework but not too much and then my Christmas visitors arrive.  Waking before three is, under the circumstances, a remarkably silly thing to do and I'm hoping I can get some more kip before I have to get up to be at Morrisons by seven.  I can feel the weariness washing over me again so fingers crossed.

I don't think I need another coffee right now!


  1. With VM new remotes come as free replacements, or they did last time.

  2. I couldn't work out how to contact them apart from phoning and I don't do phones because of my poor hearing.
    J x