Wednesday 31 December 2014

Wednesday: New Year's Eve.

Borrowed from Google.
Good morning, everyone!  It's still pretty cold and white out there but the frost isn't nearly as hard as it has been and it looks as if the warm might be on its way according to the weather forecast.
Not for long, probably; after all, it is winter.

Yesterday was another mostly lazy day.  I did pop out in the morning to look in a few shops but it was so jolly cold I decided to pop back home again after a short time.  It couldn't have risen much above freezing as there were pockets of frost that stayed around all day.

Because it is a weekday and on weekdays I have the thermostat set quite low because I'm at work, the house was a bit chilly when I got home so I decided to snuggle under my fleece and watch some rubbish telly rather than turn up the heating.  The next thing I knew it was over an hour later.  Yup - I'd had my snooze again!  That fleece is so cosy and so comfortable!

Today is, of course, New Year's Eve.  I was hoping to spend it with Beth and Alex or, rather, them spending it with me, but Beth's not well and it's best that she stays home and looks after herself.  So I have a bottle of sparkly stuff all to myself, oh, dear, what a shame, how will I cope, etc, etc!  We were going to pool Christmas leftover resources for a buffet but I have enough to produce a nice spread for one.
Get well soon, lovely daughter.  ((((hugs))))

If you are planning a celebration this evening, I hope you have a wonderful time.  Cheers!!!


  1. so sorry to hear of your daughter illness there is a tremendous amount of it going around and people are dropping like flies. Very wise to stay in the warm and cosset herself a bit. Thanks for the link, if the ovens were really filthy I would consider professional cleaning but they are not I am just lazy.

  2. I think most of us are when it comes to ovens, Diane! They're not the nicest things to clean.
    J x

  3. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to your daughter. Hope she gets some rest despite having her hands full with the kittens.

    My next oven is definitely going to be one where the door slides under ... mind you, as mine is only a few years old it'll have to wait a while

  4. Thanks, Annabeth.
    I love those sliding doors but I love my range more! :-)
    J x