Wednesday 17 December 2014


Two more sleeps, three more days.  That's all.  As I said in an email to someone yesterday, in September it seemed endless but now I think 'Where on earth has the time gone?'

Mind you, these last three days are far from a walkover, whatever people may say.  Apart from anything else, we have 29/30 children to keep occupied and 'usefully employed' and the best way to do that is to stick with the normal learning routines with a fair amount of 'strictness' to balance the natural excitement.  OK, so maybe Friday will be a little relaxed but children thrive on routine and firm boundaries and they will still be in place, come what may.

So - yesterday was the panto.  I expected it would be super and so it was - with bells on.  This team has the primary child 'psyche' down to a T and their performance for the infants was packed with laughs, songs and enough borderline 'rudeness' (to the child mind) to have them glancing anxiously at their adults before collapsing in peals of laughter in true panto tradition.

And then that after school meeting.  I don't want to go into details now but it was positive, helpful, encouraging and really opened things up for me in a way that will benefit me in the near future and also in the more distant future.  All good stuff and, in a way, an early Christmas present.  There were moments that weren't too comfortable for me in a 'ooops, am I going to cry' sense but I got through them OK.   Phew.

Today is more or less a normal day which is quite a relief.  I expect it will be fun!  I hope yours is too.


  1. So glad to hear that the after-school meeting was positive for you, even though it brought you close to tears.
    Quite right about children needing routine and firm boundaries, I think it is great that you are providing this during this incredibly exciting time.
    Have a lovely day! S. xxx

  2. So pleased it was positive :)

  3. Thanks, Sonja and Beth. :-)
    J x