Thursday 1 September 2011

Thursday morning

It really does feel as if I'm back at work now.   After two days - well, partial days anyway, back in school I can feel the sap rising again.  I'm in today too and, courtesy of DD, I can have the whole day in if I want.  I usually have DG on Thursday mornings but he's coming over here and will watch a DVD on the big interactive whiteboard while I get on with my stuff.

I need to find things to do/make with all those apples too.   Some will just freeze after blanching, which will be very useful.  They're not the mushy kind of cooking apples: they hold their shape quite nicely, which is good for apple pies and tarts.  In my book there's a recipe for apple jam which is easy enough and which I could tart up a bit with some cinnamon.  There's also a recipe for apple lemon jam and apple ginger jam, not to mention all the jellies.    And what has just caught my eye is a recipe for apple and orange chutney which looks jolly good.  Finally, there are curds - apple and lemon curd, apple and orange curd . . . but they have to be eaten fairly quickly.  Oh, and finally again, I could, of course, make some individual crumbles!  Yum hum.

I'll start with the blanching and freezing and then see what I have left, I think.  If I open freeze them, they can all go together in a bag or box - much more convenient.

So I'd better get going, hadn't I?

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