Friday 1 July 2011

Friday morning

Beautiful but, as J warned me, becoming rather invasive. I will have to have some up and put them elsewhere - fortunately I have just the place for them where a bit of spreading won't matter in the least and some bright colour would be welcome..
The light isn't good, but these fuchsias are looking lovely.

Everything seems to be back to normal, Blogger-wise, now. I still have no idea what happened but accessing via Eric's blog seemed to work and whatever was 'broken' repaired itself. PCs do some extremely odd things at times, don't they?

So, it's Friday again. SEN day (hollow laugh). Junior show rehearsal day, more like! At least none of my long suffering junior colleagues have to take my class today as I already have my usual cover. Apart from rehearsals, I have high hopes of getting some very important paperwork done and dusted today. I have some filing, some copying, some checking and some more paperwork. Well, someone has to do it!!

And after all that I have a friend staying until Sunday. Sorry, A, the house is a state but the garden is nice! See photos at top!

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