Sunday 13 March 2011

Sunday - later than usual!

It's been a right day.

I'm trying to get ready for a couple of meetings and this morning I needed to get the printer - the new printer - up and running. So I started following the instructions and fairly soon it told me to put in the set up ink cartridges.
What set up ink cartridges? I looked and looked but there were none. OK, thought I, no problems, I'll go and get some. So I did, popped them in and was greeted by the information that they wouldn't do. Dear me, no, it HAD to be the SETUP cartridges.

At that point I uttered something mildly rude and decided to pack the thing up and go back to PC World. I have to say the staff member I spoke to was very good. No quibbles or sceptical 'are you sure' looks. They got me another one, opened it up at my request to show me that there were some, and redid the necessary paperwork with apologies.

Now it's all set up and working very nicely. It's noisier than the old one, much faster and the quality seems better. And I have some spares for when the cartridges run out.

But I really didn't have the time for all that!

Better get back to work now.

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