Wednesday 2 March 2011

Wednesday morning

After a good night's sleep things look much brighter again. I'm still unhappy about stuff, but . . .

It was a jolly cold night and I think there might be just a touch of frost at the moment. I have my window open a bit because I prefer a cold room and a cosy bed to a warm room and a sweaty bed at night: at one point the cover had come off and I woke shivering. it was nice to warm up quickly under the quilt again though - duvets are fantastic for that!

Today is a busy day with lots going on. Family assembly, ICT, library and PPA as well as the usual things. It keeps us all on our toes all day. After school K and I are off to our next Makaton session. I don't feel on top of things so much this time - there were a lot of words last time and I can remember hardly any of them. On the plus side, I've started incorporating some signs into the songs that we sing and the children are enjoying them. That's good.

I'll be very tired by the time I get home this evening!

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