Tuesday 8 March 2011

Tuesday evening

I'm sitting here, in my 'new' computer chair, feeling sore and achey and extremely weary! I managed to got to dancercise for the first time in weeks and oh, my goodness, am I feeling it now? It has to be doing some good, surely? Please . . .

Weeks ago I noticed that there was a spare computer chair floating around the school, unused and, seemingly, unwanted. Several months ago, my own chair gave up the ghost, fell apart and refused to be re-assembled. Bye bye, chair! I've been using a dining chair in the meanwhile.
So I asked around about this chair and it seems that nobody wanted it but it was too good to just chuck. So I laid claim to it and now it's mine, brought home yesterday. Jolly comfortable it is too, although memories of certain Very Important People sitting in it keep coming to mind! Never mind, it's the sort of chair I could easily sit back and rock myself to sleep in, so no complaints from me.

Photos: it was a very cold morning this morning - winter or spring, I wondered?

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