Tuesday 29 March 2011

Tuesday morning

I really need to apologise for the lack of formatting in my last message. I did put the contents into paragraphs, really I did, but they don't seem to have come out in the finished product which looks rather solid. Hopefully, today's will come out OK. I've been watching some YouTube videos showing cupcake icing techniques. Some of them are so very clever and look beautiful. Nothing fancy with sugar paste, just creative swirls with an icing bag and nozzle. I particularly like the one that starts from the middle and ends up looking like a rose. As I'm hoping to have friends for lunch on Saturday, I must have a go and see if I can do it - I think I have an appropriate nozzle. And I must also find some alternative recipes for frosting. Plain butter cream is all very well but somehow it doesn't have the smoothness and glossiness that looks so attractive. I was bad over the weekend and bought a halogen oven after seeing some very positive recommendations from friends and acquaintances. It should arrive today (at school) which is most exciting. No, I have absolutely no idea where I am going to keep it: I think I will need to start a serious declutter before the house explodes! OK, well, I've put in paragraph formatting several times and each time it disappears again. I'm so sorry for the solid block of text (assuming it is still a problem when I publish) - it looks most unattractive in preview but I think the problem must be Blogspot end, not this end.

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